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New road to be built instead of road blocked by Kara-Keche landslide


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AKIPRESS.COM - A new road will be built to the Kara-Keche gorge and coal field. Such decision was made by a special commission estimating the size of damage caused by land and rockslide in the Kara-Keche gorge after it found out it is impossible to clear the road from land and rocks.
Construction of one lane will take 10-12 days, the Ministry of Transport said.
Construction started in the morning of September 16. The site of road cosntruction is complex, abundant with rocks and some places are hard to be reached by vehicles and equipment.
4 excavators, 3 bulldozers, 4 dump trucks, 20 tons of fuel will be used in the first phase of construction of the new road.
The landslide occured in the evening of September 14 on the 37th km of the Dyikan-Kara-Keche road. The collapsed slope of the mountain blocked the gorge and the river. The slided mass of rocks and land is estimated at around 800,000-900,000 cbm.
This road led to the biggest coal field in Kyrgyzstan - Kara-Keche field.

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